Fall Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

Dated: October 3 2023

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As the temperatures fall, it's essential to prep your home for the winter months. You can do a few things on the interior and exterior of your home to protect your investment long-term, save some cash, and keep your family safe. You can complete these tasks on your own if you're handy, or these tasks are simple to hire out to a professional. 


Inspect Your Heating System and Fireplace

No matter what type of heating element you have, you will want to inspect it and likely bring in a professional to clean it. This includes removing soot and other accumulation from your fireplace and chimney. Replace air filters on furnaces and ensure the fireplace flue has a tight seal. To ensure efficiency, use your vacuum hose on the openings of heating ducts to clean any dust and debris. 


Assess the Roof

It's definitely not ideal to have a leak in the middle of winter. To prevent it, remove moss from around the edges of your house and clean the corners. Check for damaged shingles and cracks. Also, inspect your rubber exhaust flashing for any cracks.


Clear the Gutters, Early and Often

As autumn winds begin to fill your gutters with leaves and other debris, you must regularly clean them. This will allow you to keep them looking their best and ready for winter weather. You should also ensure that all your gutters are secure and attached to the house. Also, ensure that water is not going behind your gutters. 


Clean and Reverse Ceiling Fans

One of the easiest items on this list is to position ceiling fans in the opposite direction during the winter and autumn seasons. This will allow them to circulate air upward and create an updraft in the room. Reverse the fans and clean the blades at the same time. 


Look Over the Attic and Crawlspaces

If you notice any issues, such as cracks in the foundation, standing water, mold, and loose ducting, it's time to fix these issues. Before you start the winter season, remove rodents and insects from your home. Also, close the foundation vents to keep the cold air from coming in.


Check the Detectors

Fall is an excellent time to replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. While some models come with a 10-year battery, you should test them to ensure they're still functional. Also, make sure that your fire extinguishers are charged.


Consider Any Drafts from Doors and Windows

Weatherstripping and cracked caulking are the most likely culprits when you feel a draft. Sealing these leaks can keep your house warm and save you money in the long run. Add weather stripping to the sides and bottom of your doors to prevent further damage. Also, check your electrical outlets for drafts.


Prepare the Lawn

As the weather cools, your grass roots will start to grow deeper, so applying fertilizer is important. You can also ensure that all of your vegetation stays away from any part of your house by trimming dead limbs from trees.


Put Away Hoses and Outdoor Equipment

After you've used your hoses for the season, you should remove them from your outside faucets. You can store them inside a garage, shed, or a shed. A faucet cover may be required in some areas to prevent frozen pipes. You should also check your water shut-off switch to ensure it works properly.


Go Over Entryways, Decks, and Porches

Before any inclement weather gets in the way and delays repairs, look for uneven spots, loose boards, broken concrete, exposed nails, and screws, or anything else that might cause a safety issue as winter approaches. 

Is your home ready for the fall and winter? Do you do any of these tasks around your house to prepare for a new season or hire a professional?

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