5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Home

Dated: February 12 2024

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If you’re itching to improve your space or switch up your style but aren’t ready to renovate, these tips are for you. Here are some low-cost, easy options to help your home feel fresh and new again.


  1. A fresh coat of paint: Let’s start with a classic. Transforming a room with a fresh coat of paint is a one-day project with a huge pay-off. One gallon of paint averages around $30, and depending on the size of your room, you’ll likely need just a couple of gallons. Grab rollers and masking tape (and maybe a pal to pitch in), and you’re good to go! 

Pro tip: Paint sample swatches on multiple walls beforehand to test how the color looks as the lighting changes throughout the day. 


  1. Use contact paper to refresh hard surfaces: Maybe your desk needs a refresh. Or your kitchen countertop or backsplash feel dated. Whether you love the look of marble, terrazzo, subway tile, or granite, contact paper is a simple solution for renters and homeowners alike. 

Pro tip: Finish with polyurethane for a glossy look and added durability. 


  1. Create an accent wall with wallpaper: Not for the faint of heart, wallpaper adds a bold punch of color and texture to any room. Worried about removing it later? There are tons of peel-and-stick options to choose from. 

Pro tip: Make sure your accent wall is framing a focal point in the room. A small entryway wall or behind your bed are great choices. 


  1. Add crown molding to a room: If you’re looking to achieve a timeless look, this is for you. Crown molding is an affordable way to add visual interest to a room, and it only requires basic carpentry skills to install yourself. 

Pro tip: You can line up several rows of crown molding to create a book display shelf in a child’s bedroom.


  1. Browse a vintage/thrift shop: This one is a lot less predictable but potentially even more satisfying than other options on this list! Set aside a day to explore local vintage shops. New-to-you or vintage art and furniture can add heaps of personality to a space.  

Pro tip: Arrive with a goal or two in mind—otherwise, larger antique shops might feel overwhelming at first.

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